Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday, Kellie!

I swear I think that Mo's Digital Pencil Shop has read the book.  "What book?" you might ask.  My autobiography.  I have found so many stamps that directly reflect the people or things in my life.  These stamps are so darn adorable which brings me to this post.

I have a wonderful friend, Kellie, who is stationed overseas in Afghanistan.  I did not get her birthday card or package to her in time for her birthday.  Things have been so hectic with the passing of my grandfather that I just did not get around to it until yesterday.  I did, though, actually think of her ON her day!

Kellie is a unique person.  She is athletic and funny... loves to play Mexican Train Dominos and she is a big time coffee drinker!  She loves animals and that's good because she is also a veterinarian.  Every time she would come over to visit, my 2 cats, Bizzy and Boomer, would run for cover.  She never would just "pet" them.  She would "pet" them with the hands of a vet.  Feeling... poking... prodding...

So, of course, when I saw this stamp I had to get it.  It reminds me of Bizzy just dangling while she investigated his body for any abnormalities.  Josee' and I would not have her any other way <but don't tell the kitties that.>  She is a good friend and she is missed a lot.  She is in our prayers every day for a safe return home, a game of dominios, and a hot cup of coffee.

Happy Belated Birthday, Kellie!

Mo's Digital Pencil Shop, "Patience"


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