Sunday, November 27, 2011

Merry Christmas

I am super proud to say that almost ALL of my Christmas shopping is done for this season! Woo Hoo! No Black Friday madness for me! This cute little Magnolia stamp, called "Tilda Hiding Gift." I thought she was too cute! :) I enjoyed coloring her with my Copic markers and using my Spellbinder Nestablities to help add some life to the cards.

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O Holy Night

Some images are just so powerful that it seems best to just let them speak for themselves. That was definitely the feel that I got from this one. I thought it would be best just to keep it as clean and simple as I could. 

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Ricky Ticky Timbo

My brother proudly serves in the US Air Force and was stationed in Alaska several years ago. I had the pleasure of visiting him a few times while he was there. He wanted to make sure that I had a full Alaskan experience! :) Part of that experience was climbing up a steep hill... very slowly and sledding down the hill... very quickly! 

Rick is a slim and trim soldier, I on the other hand .... enjoy my mashed potatoes! :) (let's just leave it at that!) So adding brilliant idea to brilliant idea, he decides that I need to squeeze into a pair of HIS thermals before heading out into the Alaskan snow! I can't even begin to describe the laughter that just trying to get into his long johns caused... and our adventure had only just begun. When I was all stuffed into the appropriate clothing, I resembled the Michelin Man or Randy, the little brother in the Christmas Story! When we finally arrived at the perfect hill for sledding, Rick dragged me up slowly, freezing, laughing, and complaining the entire time! We FINALLY reached the top and were ready to head down. Rick sat down on the front of the sled and told me to sit down behind him with my legs around him.... As soon I got my hiney to the ground ...we went flying down the hill! I screamed and giggled and screamed some more... and he knows one little extra secret about that long ride down the hill! :) 

Rick always knows how to make me smile! I love you little brother!

This is a Magnolia stamp called, "Edwin on Sled." I colored him up with my Copic markers and used a Cuttlebug embossing folder, Spellbinder Nestabilities and Martha Stewart punch to decorate the other parts of the card.

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In the Meadow

We can build a snowman! .... The way the weather has been here in Fayetteville lately it seems more likely that we will only be stamping snowmen for a while! :) That's ok.... I will settle for that. 


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This Little Piggy

My, soon to be 19 year old, niece LOVED this stamp! As if Tilda isn't cute enough by herself ... she now has an adorable little pig in her arms! :) This is a Magnolia stamp called, "Tilda with Piglet." I colored the stamp with my Copic markers and used Spellbinders to cut some shapes.

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Ice Fishing

Now here is one to add to the bucket list for sure! Ice fishing! ... With a penguin! :) This Lili of the Valley, "Fishing Buddies"  made me miss my nieces and nephew in the North Pole! So I colored and created and thought of them the whole time!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You've Been Caroled!

Caroling has always been one of my favorite things to do around the Holiday! Finding people and friends to join me is always VERY difficult for some reason. :) I'm just not sure why some people are just so opposed to knocking on doors and bursting out in song when the person comes to answer. 

Well... last year I decided that Michele and I would be caroling .... NO MATTER WHAT! So.... we sat at the kitchen table and dialed up dozens of friends and family and sang Christmas carols to them as soon as they answered the phone. Before hanging up we would say, "You have been caroled!" Some of them wondered for weeks afterwards who had called and some knew immediately who the culprits were. :)

This year will be the 2nd annual "You've been caroled" event. Feel free to leave your phone number in a comment box if you would like to hear us howl Christmas songs loudly in your ear!

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Christmas time is full of wishes! My wish this Christmas is that everyone will have someone to throw their arms around and smile at! What are you all wishing for this Christmas?

I colored this fabulous Mo Manning image, "Irma and Vieno In the Snow," with my fabby Copic markers.

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Silent Night

I was so excited about the ease of the first card ... that I did a second one with the same technique! :)

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Season's Greetings

It seems like the most difficult thing in life sometimes is to just keep it simple! Sometimes I busy up my cards just like I busy up my life. This card was incredibly easy to make and I am more than pleased with how it turned out! I used some small scraps of Paper Trey Ink papers and an olive colored chalk green ink and some Momento Tuxedo black. I then rubbed across both colors with some white ink and let it all dry for a few minutes. After it dried, I stamped the trees and the Santa and reindeer. The entire process took about 15 minutes total! I was super excited that it all came together so easily!


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Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Play Memories

This stamp from Lili of the Valley brings back some very wonderful memories of those yearly Christmas plays that we would put on as children at church.  Towels around our heads and the boys with mascara or eyeliner colored beards, Burger King crowns for the wise men, and animal costumes sewn by hand... I don't recall us ever using a bear for baby Jesus, but I'm sure it happened a time or two. 

This Lili of the Valley stamp is called "Mary & Joseph." I colored it with my Copic markers and used my Xyron to place everything exactly where I wanted it.

Peace on Earth

Today was a very productive day! I got a stack of Christmas stamps I ordered from Lili of the Valley in the mail this week and have been chomping at the bit all week to find time to work with them! This one is called "Musical Christmas."  I colored it with my Copic markers and used my awesome Xyron to hold everything in its place.

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Yet another gorgeous stamp from Lili of the Valley! This one is called, "Angel's - Musical Christmas." I colored it with my Copic markers and used my Xyron to place everything where I wanted it. My Spellbinder Nestabilities cut out all of the circles perfectly! I just fell in love with these felt brads!

Warm Fuzzies for Christmas

Teddy bears and Christmas time just go together like milk and cookies! Teddies are just plain adorable any time of year, but picturing the face of a surprised child when they see one under the tree is just precious! If that doesn't give you warm Fuzzies .... :)

This cutie is a Lili of the Valley stamp called "Little Star." I colored it with my Copic markers and distressed the edges up using some Tim Holtz products. My Xyron came in extra handy!

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Oh La La Creations Challenge #93 - "Bingo" - I used a ribbon, a die cut & some sparkle.

More Fuzzies

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair...

Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't very
Fuzzzy was he?!?

:) Now that I have that out of my system....

This is that same cute little fella from Lili of the Valley, "Little Star." I used my Copic markers to make him a little fuzzy ... (I won't get started again... I promise!) 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Little Red Bucket

We were headed into Hobby Lobby yesterday and saw our first Salvation Army bucket! My heart swelled with memories and gratitude! I used this image once before, and blogged about it on my previous post, "Mission" .....I have a feeling it's just the beginning of the many times I will be coloring it over this Christmas season.

This amazing Sassy Cheryl stamp is called, "The Simplest of Gifts." I colored it with my Copic markers and used my Xyron to work all kinds of miracles with adhesive!

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Christmas Cookies!

There is only one thing better than baking cookies at Christmas time .... EATING them! :) Sugar cookies are one of our favorites, so when we found a stamp with a sugar cookie recipe, it was like hitting the Cookie Monster Jackpot! :) 

I colored this darling little Magnolia called "Gingerbread Tilda" with my Copic markers and used my treasured Xyron machine to hold everything in its place. I recycled a piece of blue ribbon that was wrapped around a stack of papers I bought the other day!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This "Mater's" For You... and You... and You!

My Grandpa wore red suspenders and drove a beat up old white station wagon. He loved to work in the garden and in his green house. During that time of the year when his tomato plants were bursting at the seams with ripe and juicy tomatoes, he carried a bag full with him nearly every where he went! When he passed away earlier this year, my Grandma let me keep one of the Hydrangea's that was sent for the service. This one seemed extra special to me because the pot that the flower was in was filled with garden vegetables and was sent by my Grandpa's Chiropractor! I sent a thank-you card to the chiropractor and he sent me the kindest note back.  He told me how wonderful my grandfather was and told me that grandpa would take him a bag of veggies from his garden even when he didn't have an appointment! :) 

I colored "Farmer Sally," from Sassy Cheryl's collection with my Copic markers. I used a few embellishments that I have had laying around in a jar for a while now and embossed the wonderful Paper Trey Ink paper. I used my handy dandy Xyron Machine to make sure everything stayed exactly where I wanted it! 

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Teal Tom

I'm dreaming of a  ..... Teal ..... Christmas. :) 
A cool cat with a cup of cocoa... mittens ... a scarf ... AND a beanie! 
Now that's the kind of Christmas I'm talking about! 


I used my Prismacolor Pencils to color this cutie!

This cool cat will be entered into the following challenges... Wish him lots of luck!


Yeah, Yeah, I know... the famous snowman is supposed to be called, "Frosty" ... But honestly when you look at this guy it is more than obvious that he isn't frosty! He is Fluffy! I will be composing a song and posting the lyrics to his song soon! :)


I colored this with my Copics.

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Happy Birthday Jesus!

With the all the lights and decorations and gift buying it is easy to forget the original gift that was given to us. The gift of a child, a king, born to pay the price for all of us. My prayer is that I will celebrate Him this season, with every gift that I give and every one that I receive, remembering that this is the time that we have chosen to set aside to honor the day of His birth. Happy Birthday Jesus!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

A Bicycle Built For Two

Now, I don't mind making cards with woman all dolled up and looking ridiculously uncomfortable ... it makes me all the more thankful for my bluejeans and beanies! :) 

I simply adore the look of the ladies in this image and the bicycle just seemed to fit. I am thinking that the sentiment on the outside of the card is perfect... "Hello Friend".... when paired with something along the lines of, "Aren't you glad we aren't them?" on the inside  ... hehe


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Pa Rum Pa Pa Pum ...

One of my favorite Christmas songs is "Little Drummer Boy."  I remember watching those old claymation cartoons every year with my family.  Compared to the animation and the unbelievable things they do with cartoons now, those old claymation classics look so silly. I still watch them every year when they come on and for those 30 minutes I might as well be 8 years old again... sitting by the pot belly stove in my feety pajamas with the Christmas tree lights reflecting off of the screen of the big console television! Those were the days! :) 

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Sunday, November 6, 2011


There really is no wrong time to say "thank you," but it seems like this time of the year we make a special effort to really reflect on the people in our lives that deserve to hear it more than we say it.  I crafted this card with one of those people in mind... a cousin of mine that I rarely have the opportunity to say thank you to or to tell him how proud I am of him. He is an incredible father, a talented and passionate musician, and a generous and loving person! Thank you Chad! Thank you for being you! You make me smile. 

P.S. Hopefully there will soon be another card in the making for Chad... Not only is he one of the sweetest people I know, he is also one of the luckiest! His fiancee' Cindy is such a sweetheart! She is already part of the family, and I can't wait to make the welcome official! 


I colored this cutie called, "Noah and His Autumn Leaves" by Sassy Cheryl with my Copic markers.

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