Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tribute to my grandfather

In memory of my wonderful Grandpa Blanton.  

Grandpa was a good man... devoted to his family and loyal to his friends.

He loved to work!  

He started his own heating and air business and he had the respect from every person he provided services to.

His love was the outdoors.  Anything dealing with flowers or vegetables.  He built a huge green house and enjoyed growing beautiful hanging baskets and potted plants from tiny remnants from neglected plants.  He also had a garden where tomatoes, cucumbers, and all sorts of vegetables seemed to thrive from his TLC.  

But what really made my grandpa happy was loading up his hooptie <the old family station wagon> with his masterpieces and venturing out to old customers, local physicians, family, and friends.  He took great delight in giving the most vibrant colored arrangements and juiciest of tomatoes to all those that had an impact on his life.

I will miss my grandpa terribly!

He was a good man and an incredible grandpa!


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