Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Go Girl!

Some cards are just for the fun of it! :) The kind you do just to have filed away so that when the perfect occasion pops up, it is ready and right on hand! I saw this stamp over at Mo Manning's Digital Pencil and just couldn't help myself. I had to have it and I had to color it!

My girlfriends amaze me sometimes! The things that they do every day and just consider it everyday "business" should really be applauded and celebrated.

My friend that wakes up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for her two year old, gets him cleaned up and dressed, and heads out the door to grandma's house while making sure her own clothes aren't on inside out and that her hair and make-up is in place amazes me! Working a full eight hour day and then heading to night school for 5 hours each weeknight amazes me! For my single friends, who have picked up the pace and made a better life for themselves in spite of their circumstances! ... Go Girl!

My friend that knew at a young age what she wanted to do, pursued it, and remained dedicated for 31 years amazes me! Here is to 31 years of state service and the beginning of another post retirement career that awaits her! ... Go Girl! 

For my friend that carries a gun on her hip and wears high heeled shoes while visiting her clients, domestic violence probationers, you amaze me! You make it seem "easy" to work a full-time job, play on a semi-professional women's football team, and raise a five year old daughter! ... alone! ... Go Girl!

For the friends that mow lawns, fix plumbing issues, attend PTA meetings, and schedule SKYPE meetings to talk to their heroes stationed in Afghanistan, you amaze me! ... Go Girl!

For my friend who wears a camouflage uniform and dress green and does more before 5am than most of us do in a full day, you amaze! ... Go Girl!

For the Deaf women who are working careers, raising babies, and navigating the world in silence and accomplishing more than most of us would ever attempt, you amaze me! ... Go Girl! 

Every woman has her story.  I enjoy hearing them! 

I am proud to call all of you my friends and I celebrate each of you! 


This is a Mo Manning stamp entitled, "On the Pot."
 Please be sure to stop by their site and celebrate with them! 
We are entering this card in the challenge! 

This is also being entered into the Card Patterns Sketch #133.


Elaine L. said...

Just adorable! I love the colors in that plaid paper, and the sentiment is perfect! Thanks for joining us in Mo's 100th Challenge celebration, and good luck in the draw!

Michele and Josee' said...

Thanks Elaine... And congratulations to you and the team on your 100 challenges! :)

Elise said...

Okay - SERIOUSLY! This is HILARIOUS!!! THANK YOU sooooo much, for sharing your WONDERFUL inspiration with Card Patterns! We love having your participation! Yeee HaW!

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