Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm 43!

This is Lisa! She crafts! She is my cousin! WOOOO HOOOO! She just started her own blog, This weekend while we were crafting, I was frantically searching for my glasses! It's true .... things do appear smaller than they actually are! After locating them and putting them on, Lisa giggled and looked sideways at me like I was an old woman! I immediately explained with deep passion that I am FORTY-THREE! I flung my glass off and handed them to her.  After putting them on and returning to her project, she turned a bright shade of red and giggled again, "I am going to get me some 'I'm 43' glasses!"

Our projects are improving now that we can actually SEE what we are working on!


TheGreetingGate said...

Give me them "I'm" 43 glasses now!!!! If I don't get them I am going to sling myself on the floor, kick my legs, and just have an old fashioned temper tantrum!!! I am cute in them though! ROFL!

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