Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No Wonder She is Cranky!

DISCLAIMER! ... I love my skinny friends and this story is one that we laugh about now and have laughed about many times over the years. It is all in good fun! 

You may not see it but there is a lot going on in this picture! I have an entire story in my head! :)

These two aren't sisters! They look nothing alike, they don't even have one parent in common. They are best friends! It's obvious! Every skinny girl has to have at least one chunky best friend! I know these things, I am the chunky best friend! :) What skinny girl in her right mind would go out on the town with another skinny girl competing with her for the fellas? On nights like that, you invite me (the frumpy friend!) Please don't misunderstand me, us chunky girls completely understand and comply, it's ok! ... But for heaven sake, the friend in this picture has just taken it way too far! having her carry her lollipop AND a frog! WOW! Now that's a new low! We have our limits and that's just way over the line! No wonder she is cranky! 

This is a Mo Manning digital stamp called, "Stepsisters."
This card is being entered into the following challenges:


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