Friday, September 2, 2011

Rush Delivery!

Facebook is a wonderful place to reconnect with old friends and to make new ones! Don't ya just love it when a friend of a friend of a friend has a cousin that knows you and your family and all your aunts and uncles and was in the same kindergarten class you were in? ONLY on Facebook! :) I made a new friend, Stephen, while commenting on a friends FB post. I knew that he and I would be bosom buddies when he complimented the beanie I had on in my profile picture! The beanie was handmade by another friend of mine, Cheryl. She crochets these things at the speed of lightening and they end up these gorgeous pieces of artwork that accessorize you and keep you warm from October through March! Cheryl can be reached via email at, if you would like a beanie!

Soooooo, when my new friend Stephen commented on my beanie, I knew exactly what had to be done! I called my old friend Cheryl and told her to whip up a pink and blue one, and my best friend Michele and asked her to locate and download a digi that had a picture of a boy and a beanie! This card was the result. Michele found and copiced the perfect digi, Cheryl crocheted the most beautiful beanie, and I designed a cute card to send out in the mail, for my friend Stephen!

                                    The digi stamp is a Sassy Cheryl's "Santa's Rushed Letter."


Woo said...

Love your DT call Creation! Cheryl Alger has to be one of my favourite Digi Artists! Thank you so much for joining in the call, Good Luck Woo xx

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