Saturday, September 24, 2011

Something to Cackle About!

Before every corner church in the Bible belt had "Fall Fesivals" or "Trunk or Treat," they had nothing. Before they had nothing they had Halloween parties... complete with haunted houses full of screaming children and make-up covered Sunday School teachers. I am 38 years old now and I remember these Halloween parties. I remember the jar full of olives that were displayed in scary jars and labeled, "witch's eye balls" and for the other jar... we had to be blindfolded to put our hand into so that they could convince us that some concoction they had mixed together were the brains of some monster! The last part of the haunted house was a coffin, and in that coffin lay a vampire, gray green skin, dark receding hair, and fangs that protruded slightly down his bottom lip, even with his mouth closed. He held a full size candy bar held in his hands that were folded across his abdomen, a FULL SIZE candy bar! Our last task to exit the haunted place was to pry the candy bar from the hands of the dead vampire! I was scared to death! But... it was a FULL SIZE candy bar! So I inched up to the coffin with my arm streched out as far as it could possibly reach until I could barely get my finger tips around enough of the top of that candy to grab it and run! That was the plan anyway. I pulled the bar out as quickly as I could but instead of it coming out, as soon as the vampire felt the bar move, he sat upright in the coffin and flung his blood shot eyes open and bared his fangs at me! I stood in place frozen and screaming! It didn't matter that i knew it was my Dad! That was some scary business.

My mom always played the witch in the haunted house! She would practice her cackle for the entire month of October. It would send chills up and down your spine whether she was in costume or not! For years after the church stopped supporting Halloween activities and stopped endorsing our Sunday School teachers and parents scaring the bejesus out of us ... my mom would still cackle at Halloween! When it was just the two of us and no one was around to hear her, I could convince her to cackle loud and proud! Oh but if those church ladies found out! :) I can promise you it would have been Sunday night's sermon at her church!

I would give anything for just one more cackle!

I colored this Mo Manning Digital stamp entitled, "Witch of the West" with Prisma color pencils.
The card will be entered into the following challenges:


TheGreetingGate said...

I like her, she looks evil!

Michele and Josee' said...

She is!

Delphine said...

Fantastic card, Josee! I love your witch! Thanks for joining us at Cupcake and good luck! Delphine xx

Michele and Josee' said...

Thanks Delphine. She was fun to color!

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