Saturday, October 1, 2011

Caffeinated and Inked!

We all have our weaknesses, I guess. Mine are pretty obvious! Most of them end up on my waistline or on my blouse or both!

I think I should own stock in Starbucks and some ink company! Starbucks ... ahh home of the triple grande, up side down, iced carmel macchiato ... this is the culprit that ends up on my waist and sometimes on my blouse! :)

 Luckily, my crafting addiction only results in the occasional ink line across my shirt. It's happened twice just this week! I leave an ink pad open and reach across the table to grab another acrylic block or something and the next thing I know I am on an assignment with a Deaf person who can't seem to keep their eyes off of my bossoms! That's when it occurs to me! I have either dribbled my coffee down my blouse on the way here OR I have a pretty ink line from that quick card that I made before I ran out of the house! Or BOTH!  I think the only remedy to this situation is to install a full length mirror at the exit of the craft room or to hang the car keys from a mirror on the way out of the house! :)

Not drinking coffee or not crafting.... just not an option!


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